We are Berlin’s premium publisher. Focusing on creativity helped us reach the top position after only a few years. Today, we’re happy to offer a range of services that is hard to find anywhere else on the market. We organize worldwide writing sessions und songwriter camps, connect our writers with successful acts and DJs and place songs in movies, computer games and commercials, just to name a few. Benefitting from an international network of experienced sub-publishers, we collect and seek publishing revenues worldwide and ensure fast, steady and accurate billing.

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With us, you will have direct personal contact via phone, email, WhatsApp, person-to-person or whichever way you fancy.

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Martin Heuser
Managing Partner
Gian Köhler
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Jens-Markus Wegener
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Nils Ruzicka
Junior Copyright Manager
Darleen Pints
Junior A&R
Ben Schomaker
Financial Administrator
Laura Schmid


You’re a singer-songwriter who got the right feeling for great melodies and lyrics looking for the perfect producer to turn them into a hit? Let’s sort that one out for you! We have the excellent network your ideas deserve to get your music out there in the world. Submit your toplines and we’re happy to pitch them to the right artists!
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