Live Entertainment

GUESSTIMATE Live Entertainment brings artists on stage and directly to their fans. We organize and realize music and corporate events of all kinds and sizes. We create tours, take care of booking, promotion and the whole production. Every day, we bring entertainment to a whole new level, so artists and brands can fully concentrate on their performances.


Tour & Event Conceptualization

Tour & Event Organization

Gastronomy Services

Tour & Event Implementation

Production Services

Tour & Event Booking


Bars & Melody
Generation Z World Tour (Germany & Austria)
Electro Swing Club
Concert Tour
Aerophilia Festival
Hell Festival 2017
Production Services Travel & Logistics
Electro Swing Club Open Air
Tempelhofer Feld
Corporate Events
Alle Farben
6 Hour Open Air Sessions
Christopher Street Day
Production Services Alle Farben
Corporate Event
Production Services E-Pace Campaign 2017 and SetThePace Club Tour 2017
Karneval der Kulturen
Production Services Alle Farben


Conrad Wiechens
Head of Branded Entertainment and Marketing